Renting the Parish Hall

Use and Waiver.  Use of St. Edward's Parish Hall is restricted to Parishioners (hereinafter Individuals) and Commissions (hereinafter Organizations) of St. Edward's Catholic Church. Any exceptions will be made by the Pastor. Any Parishioner or Commission may petition the pastor in advance for a waiver of a particular policy. All petitions are subject to approval.

Reservations.  Any Individual/Organization wishing to use the Parish Hall must complete (in person) a Facility Use Request Reservation Worksheet at least one week prior to the event. If your event is to be listed in the bulletin, the Worksheet must be received at least two weeks in advance. Phone requests are accepted if made at least two weeks prior to an event and when confirmation is made in person within one week of phone request.

  • Reservations are on a first come first serve basis. Reservations are secured at the time the Facility Use Request Reservation Worksheet is completed and Guidelines issued.
  • All events scheduled must end at 10 PM. Allowance is made for cleanup time until 11 PM. Any use of the Parish Hall during scheduled Mass, even for setup or cleanup, must be approved with the Pastor. Because of the many events scheduled in the Parish Hall, access to the Parish Hall is only permitted during approved, scheduled times.  

Access.  Individuals/Organization using the Hall must ensure that the Hall is not left unattended at any time. The Hall must be in satisfactory condition after the event is over. The Church Office must be notified of any caterers, decorators or outside vendors that are scheduled for an event. Should any of these services need access to the Parish Hall for viewing purposes, arrangements must be made with the Church Office at least 24 hours prior to their visit. The Church Office can not guarantee unannounced visits will be accommodated. It is the responsibility of the Individual/Organization reserving the Hall to schedule deliveries and pick up of equipment during time allocated for their event. Should an Individual/Organization need to make arrangements outside of regularly scheduled event set-up and clean-up times, they must contact the Church Office at least one week prior to the event.

Security Deposit.  A security deposit will be charged for events not sponsored through a Commission according to the Deposit Rate Schedule noted below. The security deposit is due at the time the reservation is made. The deposit will be refunded in full within two weeks of the event if there are no charges against security deposit.



Expected # in Attendance Amounts
Up to 50 people $25
50 -100 people $50
100+ people $75
Food $25
Event under 2 hours None
Event over 2 hours $50

Charges Against Deposit.  Should the Parish Hall be left in unsatisfactory condition, the Individual/Organization is responsible for any costs incurred to return the Parish Hall to satisfactory condition. These costs may include, but are not limited to, extensive cleaning or repairs. Any amount owed after applying security deposit must be paid within 10 days of notification. (Specific costs of repairs and staff time will be documented and forwarded with billing for additional costs.) 

Responsibility for Guests.  The Individual/Organization sponsoring the event is responsible for the actions of each guest present. Any damage or violation as a result of your guests will result in being billed for repair or penalized from future use of the Parish Hall.  It is the responsibility of the Individual/Organization sponsoring the event to have on hand at all times sufficient security or event monitors to ensure the safety of all guests and Parish Property. Depending on the nature and size of the event, it may be required that a Security Guard(s) be present. Security will be arranged by the Church Office and Security will be paid by the Individual/Organization sponsoring the event. The Pastor will determine whether Security is required. 

Alcohol.  If alcohol is found to be present without authorization from the Pastor, the Individual/Organization will be notified and asked that alcohol be removed from the Hall. It is a violation to consume alcohol anywhere on Church property including parking lot, without authorization. 


  1. The Individual/Organization will be given one warning for any violation of these rules, and for any behavior deemed to be unsafe to event guests or the Hall.
  2. Upon a second warning, the Individual/Organization will be asked to bring the event to a close within 30 minutes of the warning. 
  3. A third warning will result in a phone call to the police.

Non-Smoking Facility.  Smoking is not permitted in the Parish Hall.  Any Individual Sponsored Event found in violation of the Non-Smoking Policy will forfeit the deposit. Commission Sponsored Events found in violation of the Non-Smoking Policy will be penalized from using the Parish Hall for a period of time not to exceed six (6) months.

Fees.  The Rental Fee plus any additional charges should be paid in full at the Church Office during regular business prior to any event. The event of Individual/Organization will not be placed on the calendar until the fees are received. 

Facility Commission Parish Member* Non-Parishioners (with Pastor's Approval)
Parish Hall No Charge $100 + Additional Charges* $350 + Additional Charges*

                                                  * must have been registered at least 3 months

*** Extra Day charges may be incurred should the Individual need a day outside of the event day. 

Guidelines from the Diocese 
The most recent Guidelines for the Use of Church and Related Facilities in the Diocese of Little Rock will be considered part of this document.

Parish Hall Clean Up Requirements.  The Individual/Organization is responsible for the following clean up procedures. Failure to comply with requirements will result in a charge for clean up and / or refusal to use the parish hall in the future. 

  1. All tables and chairs cleared off; wiped off and returned to Standard The Hall Set-up (see diagram in the church office). 
  2. All trash put in the dumpster. This includes trash from trash cans located in restroom areas used during the event. The dumpster is located in lot near Outreach Building. 
  3. Dishes and cooking utensils used must be washed, dried and left neatly on counter for inspection and return to supply by Church Staff. 
  4. Sinks must be cleaned and scoured out. 
  5. Kitchen appliances and equipment should be cleaned as directed with instructions posted in the kitchen. 
  6. Wipe down all counters and work surfaces. 
  7. All decorations and props used must be removed during scheduled clean-up time. 
  8. All chairs should be placed on the Chair rack located in the closet located next to the room for washing dishes. 
  9. All tables should be moved against the walls. 
  10. The floor should be swept and a damp mop used to clean any spots. 
  11. Dirty linens and towels (dry only) should be placed in the Dirty Linen Receptacle found in the Kitchen area near the dishwasher. Leave wet towels and linens to dry on the rack found in the same area. 
  12. Do not leave food in the refrigerator. Arrangements should be made prior to the event for any leftovers to be distributed. (Whether to Outreach or other organization) 
  13. Commissions Only: Commissions may leave items in the supply room (in the designated area) and refrigerator only if clearly labeled with Commission or Subcommittee title. 
  14. Any item (whether it be food, dishes or decorations) left in the Parish Hall will be disposed of unless clearly marked. It is the responsibility the Commission or its Subcommittee to come prepared to mark items to remain in Parish Hall. 
  15. The inventory in the Parish Hall supply room (such as napkins, coffee supplies, paper products, etc.) is for Parish Commission sponsored functions only. Individual Events are responsible for supplying their event with the items necessary for hosting the event with the exception of those items available on the Special Inventory Worksheet. 
  16. The Church grounds should be cleaned. This includes cigarette butts and litter. 
  17. The Parish Hall should be left in satisfactory condition. Satisfactory condition means in the same condition in which it was found upon your entry.

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